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Exploring the culinary flavors of Budapest is a true gastronomic adventure. Reserve a table at our restaurants and enjoy our exquisite dishes in the heart of the city!

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Christian Manuel Biesert Martínez


Negro Mangalica Bistro & Bar

Discover the traditional Hungarian flavors with a modern twist!

In our Dohány Street restaurant, we present a modern interpretation of classic Hungarian cuisine. The menu places special emphasis on Mangalica pork dishes, including a rich ham plate with forest mushrooms, or prepared in red wine, and served alongside potato dumplings. You can explore various exciting variations of the restaurant's namesake, but we also welcome you with open doors to savor other Hungarian masterpieces!


Ultramarinos Martínez Deli & Bar

Taste our spanish delicacies, and take your favorites home!

Located on Bartók Béla Street, next to St. Gellért Square, the city's first authentic Spanish colmado is a place that combines a delicatessen and a tapas bar. Savor our delicious hams, cheeses, olives, and other gourmet products, available for both on-site and takeaway. Join us for a nice conversation over a glass of good wine, enjoy the authentic Spanish atmosphere, and taste our delightful tapas. And if you find it challenging to part with the flavors, explore our shelves and take home some of your favourites!


La Nube Tapas & Wine Restaurant

Welcome to the exciting world of Spanish cuisine!

On the Buda side of the city, close to Gárdonyi Square, our tapas bar invites you on a true journey into the world of Spanish cuisine. We select our ingredients with special attention, sourcing them directly from Spain. While you’ll find classics such as patatas bravas, padrón peppers, or churros, we also encourage you to explore our unique meat dishes and seafood delicacies. Our menu is complemented by a wide selection of Spanish wines and cavas!


Fuego Restaurant

You found the perfect spot if you’d like to try a delicious roasted chicken or duck!

Our restaurant is the perfect destination if you’re in search of quality flavors and a delightful, laid-back ambience on Kazinczy Street, in the heart of the Jewish Quarter. We bring you the authentic family tastes inspired by Hispanic grandparents, and what’s more, from a part of our team, you can order even in Spanish. Savor our delicious roasted chicken or duck, served with spicy potatoes, fresh salad, croquettes, calamari, and, of course, your favourite sauce!